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 Eco-Friendly: A Complex Concept

On the surface, it may seem like "Eco-Friendly" is a self-explanatory term: products that are good or non-threatening to the planet. But like most things -especially the retail industry- 'Eco-Friendly' doesn't exist on a single plane.
In homage to our name and mission, we follow the process from the first harvest of the fibers to the weaving of textiles.
We continue that commitment from the moment you put on a PFW piece and 'ours' becomes 'yours'. We strive to be the best stewards we can from land to fitting room. We're excited to share how PFW pursues Eco-friendliness in as many ways as possible. 

Staggering Stats

-20% of global production waste comes from the retail industry alone. 
-Traditional athletic apparel is especially problematic: synthetic fibers can take up to 200 YEARS to decompose in a landfill

Good Human Tech™ : Landfill Degradable

One of the most innovative aspects of Perspective Fitwear fabrics is our landfill-degradable technology. We recognize that because most products eventually find their way to a landfill, there is a desperate need to ensure products don't linger there for centuries.

Perspective Fitwear fabric is equipped with a unique landfill-degradable technology, which:

-ONLY happens in the anaerobic environment of a landfill.

-Allows pieces to fully degrade within 3 years.

Importantly, this technology does not impact the durability or lifespan of your pieces. We're taking the fight against global retail waste all the way to the landfill.

Elevated Athletic Apparel

There are many ways PFW strives to promote both personal and planetary health.  Here's what we are doing now:
- Water Conscious: we use recycled industry water in the dyeing and printing process. We keep fresh drinking water in the community, where it belongs.
- Waste Not: we have a closed production cycle. We collect and recycle scrap, raw materials, wastewater, and heat generated during some production phases. We reduce our environmental footprint by limiting use of natural raw materials.
-Mindful Materials: we monitor our yarn content and production. We hold a European Flax® certification, which guarantees the origins of all of our yarns. This means we know that the source of our fabric is non-polluting for humans and the earth.
-Good Genes: we don't use genetic modification in fabric.
-Safe Skin: Perspective fabric is third party Okeo-Tex ® certified, which guarantees the non-existence of toxins and chemicals that are considered harmful to human health. This is especially important when wearing active wear, as it’s primarily worn tight against skin and while exercising (aka: sweating).
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