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    We seek to promote happiness through wellness, redefine priorities, gain new perspectives, and leave you feeling fulfilled and empowered in your recreation.


    The Founders:

    CEO and Co-Founder Stephanie Ertzberger has enjoyed an active and healthy lifestyle from a young age. A collegiate athlete and Ironman finisher, Stephanie has long been passionate about personal challenges and the triumph in physical achievement. Her years as a marathon runner and triathlete have left her feeling confident in herself and fulfilled in what life has to offer. Despite her successes, however, she was continually frustrated and disappointed in the fit and comfort of the multi-sport apparel the market had to offer. In 2017, she partnered with her fiancé and Naval Officer Kory Perez to develop a line of fitwear designed with the woman’s body in mind. Not feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing should never be a reason to miss out! Life is all about perspective: how you view the world, others around you, and most importantly, yourself! Perspective Fitwear was born.



    Our Perspectives:

    Separating Exercise From Performance

    • Whether you’re the first one across the finish line or just happy to cross it, activity is about celebrating your passion! It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started, a casual participant or a dedicated athlete, we are here for support and will meet you exactly where you are.

     Pursuit & Enjoyment

    • We make clothes for sweating in. Bike, run, yoga, climb, spin, cycle, walk…sit - whatever recreation you choose, we're after a wardrobe that spans across all of life’s activities.

    Soft & Smooth

    • We make apparel for active lives, but comfort and confidence come first. Our fabric offers an extra soft, buttery touch leaving you feeling excited to put it on.

    The Neighborhood

    • In our neighborhood, everyone is welcome. We emphasize the importance of giving back while supporting the community and each other. Check out our charity partners and join us on social media!