Ride In Comfort

Pronounced "Shammy"

The chamois: we know it as the padding in bike shorts that protects our nether regions. The chamois (pronounced "shammy") is a staple wardrobe piece for all bike riders, providing comfort and protection from the physicality of rides.

From Spin to Ironmans

The perfect multi-sport shorts DO exist. Whether you're heading to your first spin class or training for your 5th Ironman, the Multi-Sport Tech Short offers unrivaled comfort and technology to go the distance with you.

COOLMAX® 3D Punching Foam Pad technology makes these shorts light enough to run in and durable enough to hammer for miles on the bike. The lightweight chamois offers improved breath-ability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and comfort. 

Ironman Tested

PFW Founder and CEO Stephanie Perez trained for her Ironman in PFW Multi-Sport Tech Shorts + Chamois.  "Every other brand of bike shorts dug into me in weird places, had too much or too little padding, or simply didn't fit right. I designed all our Multi-Sport Tech Shorts + Chamois based on my experience, so that women could have the top technology and comfort for their cycle gear."

To Compress, or Not to Compress?

That is the question: and our answer is YOU choose! The Seamless Multi-Sport Tech Short + Chamois comes in 7" and 9" options, for your everyday cycling needs.

Looking to get a bit more technical? Check out the Compression Multi-Sport Tech Shorts for added compression: available in 5" and 8" options.



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