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Meet Janelle

I’m Janelle Lynnae, Founder of Next Level Confident. I help women build confidence in their mind, body, relationships, and career advancement so they can live a life they’re proud of.

I teach The Confidence Workshop for corporate women in business and provide 1:1 coaching as well!

I love weight lifting, boxing, yoga, hanging out on the beach, donuts, petting puppies, reading personal development books & dancing with my husband in the kitchen.

I'm so excited for a chance to talk with you, yes you, the extraordinary woman of Perspective Fitwear's community, about 'limiting beliefs!' Have you ever heard of 'limiting beliefs'?


Building Your 'Confidence Muscle'

The first step to building what I like to call your 'confidence muscle' is to let go of your limiting beliefs.

What's a 'Limiting Belief?' 

I'm talking about a thought pattern that you replay about yourself over time. Limiting beliefs inhibit you from personal growth, progress, and confidence because they are inherently negative and/or marginalizing self-narratives. 

Limiting beliefs can be conscious or even subconscious, and it influences how you view yourself and how you interact with the world around you. 

Breaking Free

The good news: you can break up with your limiting beliefs. Here is a (very) simplified version of how I help women in corporate settings break free from their limiting beliefs:

Step 1: Acknowledge the belief.

Step 2: Determine when you learned the belief.

Step 3: Create a new truth. 

If you are interested in learning more about your own Limiting Beliefs and want to build your confidence muscle, grab this free resource I created for you!


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