Keeping Perspective with Lily Briggs

At Perspective Fitwear, we strive to feature models that are real-life health and fitness professionals. You probably recognize Lily Briggs, personal trainer, from our website. Today, we catch up with her to talk about keeping perspective during stay-at-home orders.

"Life is Unpredictable"

Especially now, I realize how much of a blessing it is to be able to workout in a gym, because I can't! I know a lot of people are in a similar position.

This is an important reminder that while life is unpredictable and many circumstance are beyond our control, we need to focus on what we can control. That includes when you move your body, and how you move your body: you don't need a gym for that.

"Shift, Don't Stop"

People often struggle with establishing a sustainable exercise routine: staying at home can make this even more difficult.

For example, if you have unhealthy food in the house, it's likely going to be harder than before to resist since you're around it all day. There are different distractions now too: you may be working from home full-time and have children at home to teach.

As your lifestyle changes, so too will your fitness patterns. Part of my job as a coach is to help my clients evolve their fitness goals and behaviors to fit into their new lifestyle.

Bottom line: this is not a time to stop exercising altogether. Your routine and style of working out might shift, but I encourage you to keep moving in a way that works with your new lifestyle.


Too often, we don't listen to our bodies. Take this extra time to reflect with yourself: what does your body need?

I broke my foot right before the stay-at-home order. I am using this time to heal, and incorporate exercise that doesn't exacerbate my injury.

There's so much pressure right now to 'be productive' while at home, but make sure you take a moment to check-in with your body and ask what it needs. Try to organize your movement and exercise to meet those needs.

Lily Briggs is a San-Diego based personal trainer who boxes, studied art in NYC, competes in fitness competitions, and loves music. Like all women in the Perspective Fitwear community, she's more than just one thing: she's an extraordinary woman.

Keep up with Lily on Instagram @lilybriggs

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