Just Dropped: PFW In Control Tech Bra

Don't Worry: We've Got This Under Control

Looking for the perfect multi-sport bra that provides coverage and style? Meet the Perspective Fitwear In Control Bra, designed to support and move with your body. Cut from Good Human Tech™ Fabric, the In Control Tech Bra is sweat-wicking, fast-drying, and provides SPF 50+ protection. Move with confidence during all your high intensity endeavors in Perspective Fitwear’s newest sports bra. 

Support Meets Style

The In Control Tech Bra is a trendy take on a high-impact sports bra. Sporting a thicker band with higher compression, the In Control Bra allows for movement and comfort in both day-to-day activities and workouts!

Pairings And Patterns

This bra pairs with most Perspective pieces, and it aligns beautifully with the PFW Feel the Flow Shorts. Pair the In Control bra in Polka Dot with Feel the Flow Shorts in black for a chic and playful look! Prefer a bright and colorful outfit? Pair the In Control Bra with Run the Show Leggings or Shorty Shorts, all offered in Citrus. 

Trust Your Bra

The In Control Bra was designed for high intensity workouts like kickboxing, plyometrics,  weightlifting, and all sorts of adventures. It’s perfect for activities that involve jumping or quick bursts of movement like tennis, volleyball, skiing, and so much more. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Perspective Fitwear incorporates a landfill degradable technology in our fabric that allows pieces to fully decompose within three years, only in a landfill setting. 

Form Fitting? Of Course!

Like all Perspective pieces, the In Control is designed by women, for women, and includes sizes XS-2XL. The thick crossed bands deliver a secure fit that doesn't dig into your skin. The sides fall high on the ribs without chafing, resulting in a form-fitting sports bra fit for all movement. 

Tailor your wardrobe to your goals and activities. You're 'In Control!' 


Let's Get Strappy Bra

In Control Tech Bra


Light to moderate activity

Moderate to high intensity activity

Neck Line

V Neck: lower coverage

Oval Neck: higher coverage





Low intensity workouts, yoga, walking, biking

High intensity workouts, kickboxing, soccer, sprinting




Wearable Day-To-Day?






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