Fitness and the "Happiness Meter"

At Perspective Fitwear, we strive to feature models that are real-life fitness/wellness/health professionals. You probably recognize Kiana, personal trainer and nutrition coach, from our website. Today, we catch up with her to talk all things fitness and mindset.

Kiana's Fit Pro Story

I started as a yoga instructor. I sought out yoga to help strengthen myself both mentally and physically. In my yoga teacher training, I started to become more intrigued by the anatomy and physical portion of yoga- which is actually just one small part of yoga as a practice. 

So that’s what drew me into more strength- based training: while I ventured into running and a few other activities, I eventually fell in love with weight training. 

I was fascinated by the science and application of strength training and in nutrition, and that’s where I pursued multiple certifications. I eventually started my own business, where I operate as personal trainer, nutrition coach, and while I am not technically a “mindset coach,” a lot of my coaching comes along with mindset.

Fitness is Multifaceted

Most folks that come to me initially are looking for some sort of physique transformation: weight loss, muscle gain, maybe they want to do bodybuilding/physique show. 

While that’s what draws them in, people often end up realizing that fitness goes a lot deeper than that. It’s a testament to the fact no matter what your “training” goal is, it all crosses over at some point: you want to improve your performance in the gym, which is going to improve your confidence, which is going to help with an overall transformation. 

Fitness is very multifaceted in that you can’t really take on one area without really touching a little bit on many ares, like mindset. 

Mindset Matters

If you don’t want to compete in a fitness competition, that doesn’t mean you don’t belong in the gym. Everyone belongs in the gym: it’s not reserved for just those people looking to compete! Fitness doesn’t have to be a sport: it’s an expression, and a lifelong engagement. 

A lot of people come to a personal trainer with a very “acute” goal: they want to lose 30 lbs in a specific amount of time, compete in a specific competition, they want to make a specific team, etc. So, their goals start out as short-term and finite, and it’s not generalized to optimizing their overall lifestyle. 

Those are the dots I try to connect for my clients: how do we work toward improving your overall health and wellness while pursuing specific goals? We want to be able to work toward something you can sustain over your lifetime, which is going to create a better overall result for you than if you just focused on those short-term goals.

Kiana on the "The Happiness Meter"

My approach to each client is specific to that individual, so I typically don’t offer “general” recommendations. But one thing I do ask most of my clients when they have made behavior changes in an attempt to reach their goals:

“Is this something you’re happy to do every day?”
It’s a way to put into context an overall lifestyle change. If someone decides to start walking 10,000 steps every single day, and its something they’re happy to do every day: that’s a great overall behavior change! Conversely, if you’re putting yourself through a grueling nutrition regimen, and it’s not something you’re happy to do every day, I would challenge you to re-examine the “why” behind that regimen. 


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