Feats of Strength

Kiana Loomis
Perspective Fitwear Model
Personal Trainer
Nutrition Coach
Extraordinary Woman


Kiana on Physical Feats of Strength 

Strength is for everyone. The challenge is defining your own feats of strength, rather than comparing yourself to others.
While it’s valuable to have role models in fitness, it’s critical to remember that their feats of strength are not going to be the same as your own. Let’s say you want to get stronger in your deadlift. If you are following a woman on social media that deadlifts 275 pounds, you might say “Oh my gosh, I’ll never get there” and be immediately discouraged.

Instead, if you consider: “Ok last week I deadlifted 95 pounds, and this week I deadlifted 100 pounds,” then that's a HUGE personal feat of strength and worth celebrating! You don't have to deadlift 275 pounds to be strong; you don't need the goal of wanting to deadlift 275 pounds to embark on a strength journey.

Kiana: Compare Yourself to YOU

The same analogy works across all fitness and endurance disciplines. Whether it’s training for a marathon, improving your lifts, aiming for a weekly cycling goal, or something completely unique: start by defining your own feats of strength, and free yourself from the comparison game.

You're improving upon who you are. The reason anyone embarks on a strength journey is to be stronger for themselves: your goals don’t require validation from other people. Because YOU don’t require validation from other people.

Kiana on Mental and Emotional Feats of Strength

While your feats of strength may start as physical, they often become mental and emotional too. You will become mentally and emotionally stronger once you set your mind to something, and you carry out the proper actions necessary in order to achieve that goal.

That in and of itself is a feat of strength regardless of the physical outcome. The feat of strength is the consistency over time you dedicated for yourself.

Kiana on Perspective Fitwear 

Perspective prioritizes empowering women in the health and fitness community, no matter their goals. Perspective doesn’t say: “only wear this if you’re running,” or “only wearing this if you’re swimming,” or “only wear this if you’re a pro athlete,” etc.

They promote the message of “whether you’re really competitive in a sport, or exercise a few times a week: if you’re active: go for it!” And that very much ties back into my overall message about fitness: no matter your level of experience or abilities, you have a place here, and this belongs to YOU.

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