Extraordinary Women: Maria Santana

At Perspective Fitwear, we value the pursuit of personal goals and the unique journey of self-improvement. You may recognize model, mother, and fitness enthusiast Maria Santana as one of the “faces” of Perspective Fitwear. Maria has modeled in the majority of our shoots, and has been with us since the beginning! In this blog, we dive into her life and learn how fitness has shaped her into the woman she is today. 

Mother, Fitness Enthusiast, Model

Believe it or not, fitness hasn't always been a part of my life. From nearly flunking out of P.E. to becoming the face of Perspective Fitwear, my fitness journey has brought me back into the most authentic version of myself. 

I modeled professionally before I started my family. I actually didn't prioritize exercise until a little later in life, and I am so glad that I started. Fitness  opened my mind to new opportunities, including modeling for and athletic wear brand like Perspective Fitwear.  

I didn’t start modeling in a fitness capacity until well after I had my three children. If you had told me at the onset of my modeling career that I would be this into lifting and exercise, and a model for an activewear company, I wouldn’t have believed you!



Go After What You Want

Despite a lot of messaging to the contrary, I believe it’s never too late for women to feel empowered and chase new goals. 

Perspective Fitwear is a family-friendly company that allows different women to come together to represent a brand that we all believe in. In many ways, it has enabled the success of women in business, and for me has broken the perceived age barrier to achievement in modeling.

Believing In The Brand

I’ve always believed women can accomplish anything they put their minds to. I love modeling for a woman-owned company, especially since a large part of this industry is still male-dominated. After all, who understands women's clothing better than women? The women behind Perspective design perfect pieces that not only look good, but feel amazing.

It’s so easy to stand behind Perspective Fitwear as a brand, especially since it aligns with many of my values. Female empowerment is certainly one of those values; another is Perspective’s incorporation of sustainable practices. 

I don’t know of another athletic apparel brand that uses the type of  eco-friendly technology that Perspective does. Nowadays, my thought is if I'm going to spend money on a piece of clothing I love, why not also invest in its sustainability? The eco-friendly story of Perspective Fitwear fabric is way ahead of the curb, and has educated me and so many others on how we can do better for the earth in athletic wear.

Maria's Perspective 

I think life has a way of leading you to where you’re meant to be. At this phase in my life, I am so honored to be considered a “face” of Perspective Fitwear, and I am excited for what the future brings for myself and this company. 



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