Workout Wednesday September 30th

Ready, sweat, GO! It's W.O.W. Time


"Do each exercise for 35 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat the circuit 4x!" - Dr. Lauren Serpico 


Wide Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank position, and similar to a regular mountain climber, we’ll be essentially performing high knees in a horizontal position. BUT! We’re going to bring out legs a bit wider than usual, getting your feet way up to where your hands are. 


Sumo Squat with a Pulse

Stand it up and squat it out! Feet are hip width apart, but since we are sumo-ing, our toes will be slightly turned out. Bring your booty down and pulse it out to finish! If you’ve got bands or a weight, bring them out to play on round 2, after you’re nice and warmed up!


Leg raises

Lie on your back, and anchor yourself by holding on to something heavy behind you, like a stable chair or sofa. Use your CORE to raise your legs and try to leave a footprint on the ceiling. The straighter you keep your legs, the more you are challenging your core.



One more while we’re laying on our back! Raise your upper body and lower body at the same time, essentially folding yourself in half. Reach for those toes!


Power knees

Let’s finish this circuit by getting our heart rate UP! Lift your knee up to your center and back down, but make it POWERFUL by increasing your speed as well as adding a little hop each time. You can either switch direction one knee after the other, or stay on one side for an entire lap.


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