Workout Wednesday August 26th

"Do each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest in between. Perform the circuit 4 times!"



Hoppy Ice Skaters
Start by standing on one leg, and hop from side to side as if you were hopping over a puddle. Add an extra hop once you land! To give your core an added challenge, reach your opposite arm to opposite standing leg on the floor as you switch.

Mountain Climbers
Start in a plank position, and alternate bringing your leg into your center. Perform these quick for a cardio blast, or slooooowwww for a more resistance based movement. Whichever you choose, be mindful of your form! Make sure those shoulders don’t sneak up to your earlobes!

Squat with a Calf Raise
Lower your booty down into a squat, with your chest lifted, shoulders down, and weight in your heels. When you reach the bottom of your squat, hold it, and raise one heel at a time. Stand up, and begin again!

Push Ups
Can’t beat the classics! If you are just beginning to build your upper body strength, try to do ONE push up on your toes before going to your knees. You never know what you are capable of until you TRY! Get your chest down before your hips to perform a proper push up— this goes for whether you’re on your toes or your knees! 

Hollow Hold
In a seated position, raise your legs and your chest as if you’re folding your body into a V. The straighter you keep your legs, the more challenged your core will be!

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