Workout Wednesday August 12th

"For today’s workout, perform each exercise for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest in between. Perform the circuit 4 times!"- Coach Lauren

High Knees

Let’s get warmed up! Standing upright, drive those knees up, up, up!

Lateral Hops

Let’s imagine an agility ladder, or! place 3-4 small items on the floor to hop over. Keep your feet together, hopping laterally. Feeling fatigued? Don’t stop moving! Side step, shuffle, whatever it takes to make it to that :40 mark!

Dive bomb

Start in a downward dog position, control your movement on the way down, leading with your head, into a high plank, then lower yourself down into an upward down. Transition from an upward dog back to a downward dog to continue this exercise working your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core!

Plank toe taps

Time to engage the core! Start in a plank position with your core tight, weight evenly distributed, and shoulders back and down. Alternate brining your foot out to the side, tapping your toe. Keep that booty down!


Starting in a plank position, hop your feet forward to replace your hands. Keep yourself nice and low, and jump right back into that plank. Ribbits are optional but extremely encouraged.
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