We are proud supporters of The Wingman Foundation as our co-founder is an active duty Naval Helicopter Pilot.


To honor the sacrifices of our fallen air warriors and support the families they've left behind.

Regardless of whether you are a Pilot, Administrative Clerk, Intelligence Analyst, Mechanic, or Terminal Attack Controller, if you are associated with the Navy and Marine Corps aviation community, we will never leave you or your family behind.

Support Navy and Marine Aviation

Veteran-run non-profit organization dedicated to providing immediate post-mishap support for the Navy and Marine Corps Aviation community and their families. In addition to providing immediate support, they ensure our fallen heroes are never forgotten and the loved ones they leave behind are always supported. They make funds available in the days immediately following an aviation mishap to help with family expenses such as funeral, travel, and lodging costs.

Their support does not stop there. Once the dust has settled and families have had some time to grieve their loved ones, any additional funds can be used by the family or squadron even many years afterwards to continue honoring their sailor's or Marine's legacy.