Shifting Perspectives: Meditation

"Let’s talk about meditation, a helpful tool in my 2021 Toolkit for Strengthening Mind, Body, and Soul. " -Dr. Lauren Serpico

What: Meditation

VeryWellMind calls meditation a technique that encourages focused attention. Prioritizing time spent focusing our attention helps us connect better to ourselves and others, improve focus, and lower stress. If we know the benefits, why don’t more people try it?

Why: Sitting Still is Intimidating

The stigma of someone sitting still and cross-legged may be intimidating to someone who is new to a meditation practice. You may be thinking, ‘I have SO many thoughts, how the heck will I ever be able to focus my attention?’

Meditation is a practice with a variety of techniques, and in staying open-minded and open-hearted, you can find the one that works best for you.

How: Try a walking meditation

If the idea of sitting still is a barrier to beginning, I recommend trying a walking meditation! There are plenty available from different apps where you can have a

guide lead you though this experience while you’re on your two feet. Once you take that first step (pun intended), you can continue confidently on your meditation journey!





I hope your mind feels supercharged after going through these tips with me! If you have any questions on goal setting, meditation, or staying mentally strong, feel free to reach out to me on IG @dr.laurenserpico