Holy Sweat! W.O.W. September 16th

We are going TABATA style (not ciabatta...) with 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. 5 exercises, 3 times at each, with 2 laps around the circuit.



Lateral hops
Let’s imagine an agility ladder, or place 3-4 small items on the floor to hop over. Keep your feet together, hopping laterally. Feeling fatigued? Don’t stop moving! Side step, shuffle, whatever it takes to make it to that bell!

Single leg deadlift + hop
For our single side exercises, we'll stay on one side for your 3 sets, and then switch sides for your second lap around the circuit. Hinge at the hips and lift one leg off the ground, engaging the hamstring of the leg on the floor, and the glute of the leg extended off the ground. Bring that extended leg up to your core and add a little hop!

Fast feet + sprawl
Quickly run in place for 2-3 seconds, and then drop down to the floor into a sprawl. Pop yourself back up and get those feet moving again.

Side Plank
Each round, alternate which side you’ll hold your plank on. Added challenge: hover your top leg ~ or ~ add a hip dip (or both?! You boss..)
Stay on one side for your 3 sets, and then switch sides for your second lap around the circuit

Russian Twists
In Russia they call these twists. Flip over to a seated position and alternate your reach from side to side. Keep your legs extended off the ground to reaaaally work that core. If you have access to a weight, use one! Keep your movements controlled!


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