Workout Wednesday October 7th

Your Midweek Sweat Session ūü홬†

"This is an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) Workout! Get your timers out and get ready to work!"- Dr. Lauren Serpico 


Start your clock! For 1 minute, you’ll perform:

We’re going for time, so get these bad boys out of the way quick! Don’t sacrifice your form though: chest lifted, shoulders down, and weight back in your heels.

Let’s add some power! Keep that squat form, but explode off the ground each time.

Bring it down to a plank position, and let’s see some push ups! Again, be mindful of keeping your shoulders back and down, and your core nice and tight. If you’re beginning to build up your upper body strength, these can be done on your knees.

Let’s finish this circuit strong! Jump it up, down to plank, jump your feet back in, and up! 1 down, 4  more to go! Let’s see it!

Use your remaining time to rest and recover, before starting again!

Repeat this 10 times, for a quick and effective full body blast!