Workout Wednesday October 21st

"The best workout is the one you ENJOY!"


40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, repeat 4x

Toe taps

Let’s get this party started! To get the body warm, we’ll start by tapping our toes on a slightly elevated surface. I like using a small step stool I have in my kitchen. Keep that core tight, raising your feet by bringing awareness to the work your lower abdominals are doing in the process. Never underestimate the power of your mind/muscle connection!



Plank toe taps

Time to engage the core! Start in a plank position with your core tight, weight evenly distributed, and shoulders back and down. Alternate brining your foot out to the side, tapping your toe. Keep that booty down!


Bicycle crunches

Lie on your back and alternate bringing elbow to knee as you squeeze your core to control your movement. Keep a nice full extension in your leg each time. Don’t place as much emphasis on SPEED as you do CONTROL. The more controlled you can keep your movements, the faster you can go!


Flutter Kicks

Flip onto you back and scissor (or “flutter”) your legs back and forth- keeping them nice and straight, and close to the ground! We are wosrrrrking those lower abdominals in this one!


Coach LAUREN burpees

The grand finale! These aren’t just regular burpees, these are LAUREN burpees. Drop down into on, push up, THREE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, and then a tuck jump! Thank me later. For more burpee variations, be sure to check out our most recent reel!

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