Workout Wednesday November 25th

Here’s a quick and effective 20 minute HIIT workout you can do before your Thanksgiving dinner! 

-Dr. Lauren

"Do each exercise for  40 seconds on, rest 20 seconds, and repeat 4x."


Squat Jumps
Sit back in squat form with your chest lifted, shoulders down and weight back in your heels. Explode off the ground, and land softly: toe - ball - heel.
Fast feet
Get those feet moving, quick, quick, quick! Try to be as light on your feet as possible. Keep on breathing!
Shoulder Taps
Starting in a high plank, raise one hand at a time and tap the opposite shoulder. Keep your hips square to the ground, avoiding the urge to sway back + forth.
Starting in a plank position, hop your feet forward to replace your hands. Keep yourself nice and low, and jump right back into that plank. Ribbits are optional but extremely encouraged.
Drop down into that push up, jump your legs back in, and jump up to the sky! Lather, rinse, repeat