CEO Talk: Our Eco-Friendly Story

CEO Stephanie Perez on how eco-friendly fashion fits into the Perspective Fitwear equation


Where Technology Meets Expression 

I started Perspective Fitwear with the vision of creating a community that encourages women of all athletic disciplines and levels to rise to their personal challenges: and to feel confident about how they looked doing it.
As a marathoner, triathlete, and Ironman finisher, I was determined to create fashion-forward pieces using the highest-technology sports fabric available, that were specifically cut for the female silhouette. 
My career in the apparel industry taught me that  20% of the global production waste comes from the retail industry alone. For me, it wasn't enough for Perspective to be safe for your skin. It had to be good for the planet, too.

Health Doesn't Stop With Skin

Perspective Good Human Tech™ got its name for a few reasons.

First, Perspective fabric is third party Okeo-Tex ® certified, which guarantees the non-existence of toxins and chemicals that are considered harmful to human health. This is especially important when wearing activewear, as it’s primarily worn tight against skin and while exercising (aka: sweating).

But most significantly: Perspective Good Human Tech™ fabric incorporates an innovative accelerated biodegradation technology that happens only in a landfill. This allows all Perspective Fitwear pieces to decompose in only 3 years in landfills.

Compare this to the HUNDREDS of years it takes traditional synthetic fibers to fully decompose in a landfill.

We Take Pride in Our Sustainability Efforts

✔ We exclude products toxic or harmful to human health in fabrics
✔ We use recycled water in dying and yarn weaving process
✔ We have a closed production cycle
✔ We monitor our yarn content and production
✔ We don't use genetic modification in fabric

At Perspective Fitwear

We believe movement is more than just exercise. It's a training ground for self-expression, empowerment, and personal growth.

We believe in going the extra mile to the landfill to reduce retail industry waste.

We believe in innovation that elevates the status quo for athletic apparel waste, and we rise to the challenge to do our part to reduce this burden on the landfills and on the earth.

That's our perspective. #findyours
In Health,

Stephanie Perez
Founder and CEO
Perspective Fitwear
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